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"We extend a warm welcome to all our devotees"

Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple is one of the most innovative Hindu Temples of its kind. Since our opening in 2004 we have developed an unparalleled approach to serving the Hindu community in Redbridge, London, whilst also contributing and supporting the multi-cultural and diverse country that we live in. We have always been focusing on providing the best facilities we can for our devotees. In order to meet the developing needs of our community we have refurbished  our building and the MAHA KUMBABISHEHAM took place under God's blessings on 04.06.2021.

About us

Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple was started in 2004 by the Late Mr Selvarajah. He wanted to ensure that there was a Temple in the borough where he lived so that he, along with the thousands of Hindu devotees living here could go to a Temple close to home. 

Since 2004, the Temple has steadily grown, inviting a wide range of Hindu devotees who attend prayers on a daily basis. 

Following the completion of 12 years, the Renovation Project was started on a grand scale, with stones arriving from India. This project is now completed under the blessings of God with the help of our devotees and volunteers. We would like to invite all devotees to offer their prayers at the Temple and take the blessings of Pillayaar. 

Our new hall is built on the 1st floor of the temple and is available for hiring. Please contact us for more information regarding this.



Please contact us on 020 8911 8934 for any Pooja, Abhishekam, Homam, Annathanam or any other priest requirements for home ceremonies. 


Our Services

There are a number of deities in the Temple and we provide a variety of services for devotees on request.


Means praising and honoring God by reciting Gods names to invoke special blessings for the devotee. This can be done to any one deity or a number of deities on request by the devotee. 


Means ritualistic holy bath to the deities with sacred substances such as milk, yogurt, honey etc. Abishegams for any one deity or a number of deities can be conducted by pre booking the date and time with the temple office. There are number of Abishegams available at the Temple namely

1. Abishagem with Homam

2. 108 Shangu Abishagem.

The Temple can provide the items needed for Abishagams and Homams on request. Devotees can also bring the list of items for Abishagams and Homams. Please contact the Temple office for the list.



Temple priests can be requested for special rituals and services outside the Temple premises by pre booking. Services provided include: Homams, House warming, Weddings, Puberty ceremony, Thuvasam, etc.



The Temple provides Annathanam for between 50 and 100 people. Should you wish to book an Annathanam or special prasadhams for your pooja's for any deity, please contact the Temple Office to confirm a time and date.

There are many other services that are provided by our Temple on request. Please contact the Temple Office for further information...


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